My Child Is No Hindrance.

After putting a profile on my life has become much more fun.I have discovered that even though one is single with a child,there are lots of guys who find one attractive.Every second weekend when my child is at her dads,I live it up.

I go on dates with guys whom I find attractive and gorgeous;all of them I have met on´s wild!


I didn`t know that one could get contact with guys on the site,I thought that it was mainly girls that were usinig I was wrong.There are lots of interesting dads out there,and many of them are on the site.Actually I think that it is an advantage that they are know that it`s difficult just to drop what one is doing,and just head off into town for a meetup.There are obligations and arrangements with the children that need to be observed.


I just feel now that my time is my own,when my daughter is not at home.Previously I would sometimes feel very sad all weekend,if my daughter was away at her dads.I kow feel that when she is away for the weekend,that I have the right to enjoy myself.I´m only 54,so therefore I feel that I still have alot life and partying to do.


At present i´m online writing and chatting during the week when my daughter is here,and that`s when I make the arrangements to meet up for a date when she is away.

Sometimes it`s like juggling balls to get  arrangements in place,because the guy I shall be dating also has to make arrangements concerning his kid or kids at the other end.It´s gone fine with these arrangements generally.


I have now dated six different guys,and some of them I dated several times.It´s great to experience that the guys really appreciate and ”treat one”.It`s not easy to know whether one of them is going to be my partner.At present I just want to experience my youth and have fun.I do think that there are good chances of finding a really nice guy here on the site.There is every opportunity to check them out,to see whether there is alot in common,apart from having children.


I´m really happpy that I have made a profile on haven`t felt that attractive after I had my daughter Nicole.When one is 54,it should be natural to flirt and feel sexy.I feel that when I`m happy about my life,I`ll have more surplus energy to offer my daughter Nicole;to make life fun and interesting for her.A happy mother is more fun,than a tired,worn out,and unfulfilled mother.


Hugs From


Nicoles Mother

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