I Had The Butterflies.

When I had to go on my first date with Robin,whom I had met on senior-contact.co.uk, I was really nervous.I felt like it was a mixture of first schoolday, a driving test,and final exams at university.I felt that I was really rusty in relationship to flirt with a man and read his signals,and at the same be in control of my feelings.


After I had been alone with my two small boys for six years,I started to feel myself only as a mother,and not as a women in her full right.I was really hurt in relationship to my self esteem,when my ex husband came and told me that he had met a younger women,and wanted a divorce…and also was moving to a new town where he had got a new job.These were plans that he had been making for some time behind our backs;I felt really hurt.


I have spent the years being a mother,and creating a good foundation for my children and myself.I have finished my training as a school teacher,and now got a steady job.I now feel in control of my life.Now I just missed having a partner.


On senior-contact.co.uk,which I was recommended to by my cousin,I soon got contact with a couple of interesting men.They both seemed sweet,real and lovely of character.I wrote with them both for some weeks,and then finally I decided to say goodbye to one of them.I wanted to keep the contact up with one of them.I didn`t want to be in a twosome,if things really got serous.it´s one of the traits I have taken with me from my previous divorce.


My date Sam invited me on a lovely date with food and cocktails.I thanks for the invitation,and I was really nervous and had ”the butterflies”.I was happy and looking forward to a real date,and not the least when it was with a good guy.


I really dressed up with my looks,and asked ”the butterflies” to disappear. Then I ventured of for my adventure.It evolved into a glorious evening.Of course we discussed children,as both of us were on senior-contact.co.uk.We spoke alot more about eachother,our feelings,and the difficulties of getting into dating again…and the insecurity that can go with it.


I felt the heat between us.There was a streaming warm feeling between us,and a deeper notion and feeling,about what the evening and night would bring.We ended up at my place.It was just fantastic,and releasing for both of us.


Actually it has been a great success,and Sam has more or less only been back to his place,to check mail,get his toothbrush and clean clothes.Everything is moving so fast,and I have allowed myself to let go and have fun.Also as long as my instinctual feelings about it are sound,then all is good.My kids are enthusiastic about Sam,and I also about his daughters.Everything is really great,thanks to senior-contact.co.uk.


Warmest greetings



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