71 year old man from S427LE Walton Ward
  • Height 183 cm
  • Weight 98 kg
  • Body Common
  • Drinking habits At parties
  • Eye color Blue-green
  • Hair Grey
  • Career Transportation
  • Smoking habits Cigar
  • Status Single
  • Appearance Common
  • First meeting Dinner
  • Humor I rarely tell jokes or laugh
  • Address In town
  • Cohabitation With my children
  • Number of children Not specified
  • Children None

I am looking for Casual Friend

  • I am looking for Men 
  • AgeFrom 35 - 75 Year
  • Height From - 229 cm
  • Weight
  • Body Not specified
  • Drinking habits Not specified
  • Eye color Not specified
  • Hair Not specified
  • Career Not specified
  • Smoking habits Not specified
  • Status Not specified

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am a rock-n-roller, sports car lover, biker, jogger, hiker, plantsman, photographer, speaker, an encourager that uses a computer reaches out, prayer, I eat healthy, writer, poet, hang w/ younger ppl, travel, stay up late, but get up early - don't want to miss anything, juggling, magic tricks, walks in the woods, dogs, e-mailing, getting letters, watching gymnastics and ice skating, science fiction, comedy, picking flowers for someone, sending birthday cards or just a quick note to tell someone I care, being a tour guide to visitors, re-connecting with someone I had not talked to in a while or had lost track of , researching things, celebrating someone's birthday and making them feel special, gardening, being needed, tweaking something to get it just right for me, helping someone in an emergency, a good movie, listening to music, a postmodern type of worship/praise service, teaching a class (at times), reading (at times), quiet times (at times), going out to eat - but not too much, going to a bookstore, traveling, love it when someone comes to know Jesus, creative TV shows like McGuiver

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